Server Description

Current Features:
- 11 Custom bosses
- 25/25 Skills working
- Prestige system up to 10 prestiges
- Hans gives veteran capes based on your online time
- 2 Quests
- All the Matrix minigames and 3 extras.
- Use the sawmill to make planks and then use those for construction.
- Dungeoneering where you can choose what you want to kill Har'lakk the Riftsplitter or his minions.
- Loyalty Points & Pk Points
- The Abyss 100 like RS
- Full Living Rock Caverns
- Clue Scrolls
- Over 20 NPC caves
- Penguin Hide and Seek
- 100 Birds Nests like RS
- Korasi's Sword Quest
- Livid Farm
- Castle Wars
- Designated Training areas for each skill.
- Easy to use interfaces.
- Dedicated Host
- Staff is online daily.
- Every week 3 new polls are opened. At the end of the week we tally the votes and decide on whether to add or not to add the topic in the poll.
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Server Information

Server Name: Extinction X
Owner: 31bravo
Votes: 0
Uptime: 3%
Last Updated: 05:34:02 PM