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Community Announcements

Staff Changes - Sean

Since the last time we updated you on the staff we have had a lot of changes go on.


Blood Anth3m: Promoted to Forum Moderator
Byron: Promoted to Forum Moderator
Michael: Promoted to Forum Moderator

Also, welcome back this guy he and Kieran have made RSW what it is today and we are thrilled to have him back as an Administrator again.

Server: Promoted to Administrator


Kanwar: Resigned to get prepared for the college life, we wish him the best of luck in college and hope he does very well.
Ryan: Resigned for personal reasons
Mike: Demoted
Itachi: Demoted

Thanks for reading,

RSWebclients Administration

Staff Evaluations - June - Sean

It's that time of the month again to evaluate the staff team. There has recently a handful of promotions and demotions. You can evaluate the new staff based on their performance so far.

The Administrators Kieran, Kanwar and myself will read over all of the evaluations that are submitted. DO NOT post your evaluations on this thread. You can evaluate the staff team by clicking here: http://www.rswebclients.com/forum/Forum-...valuations

Before making an evaluation, make sure you read this first: http://www.rswebclients.com/forum/Announ...evaluation

Evaluations close in 7 days. Please, take a couple minutes to make an evaluation as it helps us out greatly.

A little side note, Jordan has resigned from his position as chatbox moderator due to personal irl reasons. We would like to thank Jordan for his time put in here at RSW as a moderator. He was a good moderator and he will be missed greatly.

Staff Updates and A New Beginning - Kanwar

Hey there Rswebclients!

As you may have noticed, the RSW staff team has changed quite a bit. In fact, we've had 3 resignations and 4 promotions.


- Kanwar has been promoted to Administrator
- Sean has been promoted to Administrator
- Ryan/Enlight has been promoted to Chatbox Moderator
- Itachi has been promoted to Chatbox Moderator
- Invalid has been promoted to Global Moderator/Head Moderator

Congratulations to all of the following members!


- Ace has resigned from his position as Administrator
- Abrion has resigned from his position as Global Moderator
- Skiller has resigned from his position as Chatbox Moderator.

Thank you to all of the following members for donating your time and helping us out here at Rswebclients.

Let's also welcome back our dear friend Kieran who has resumed his position as Owner of Rswebclients and will continue to run the site along with Sean and I.

Thanks for checking up with us Rswebclients!

- Kanwar

Upgrades Price Drops & More - Artorias

Upgrade Price Drops

Today, we've decided to lower the price of upgrades in the 'My Upgrades' store permanently. Prices of upgrades have dropped between 20% to 50%.

You can access the upgrades shop here: RSWebclients Upgrade Shop

Before buying an upgrade, make sure you read the upgrade guide to learn how to use the upgrades and any prerequisites you require. You can view the Upgrade Guide thread here: RSWebclients Upgrade Guide. Everything you need to know about the upgrades is in that thread.

Chatbox under webclients

If you don't have a chatbox upgrade for your webclient, you may now add the RSWebclients chatbox under your webclient. Check the "Show RSW Chatbox" in the webclient edit page.

[Image: 605f5476df.png]

Small staff change

Danne has been demoted due to his inability to handle the pressure of being a moderator. He has also exposed some messages from our staff chat, which is against the rules for every staff member. In addition, Jordan, highly recommended by Sean, has taken Danne's spot as a moderator. Also, Invalid has been promoted to forum moderator. Congratulations to both of them.

- Byron

Top 10 Servers

1) SalanciaVotes: 1313
2) Offical HeavenXVotes: 553
3) FreeChaoticsVotes: 532
4) Rune-Project OSVotes: 387
5) GravityScapeVotes: 271
6) SoloPkVotes: 245
7) Spirit-UnchainedVotes: 222
8) PortalPkzVotes: 179
9) dreamscape317Votes: 174
10) Destructive-X.comVotes: 148