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Community Announcements

Promotions, Demotions, and Forum changes - Byron

Sorry about all the confusion about the site being offline that was going on yesterday. RSWebclients will stay online, but there has been a few changes to the staff team.

Daz has been demoted from Jr. Administrator
Darren has been demoted from Chatbox moderator
Adz has been demoted from Chatbox moderator
Icandoit has been demoted from Chatbox moderator

Byron/Ace has been promoted to Administrator
DanneTF has been promoted to Chatbox moderator
Itachi has been promoted to Chatbox moderator
Virus has been promoted to chatbox moderator

Congratulations to all of the new staff members. :)

New categories:

A few new categories have been added to the forum.

  • Goodbyes
  • Humor
  • RuneScape Development
    1. Show-off
    2. Requests
  • Graphics
  • Community voting polls

  • It is still a debate whether a programming section will be added to the forum. Leave your suggestions below if you want any say in the matter.

    - Byron

    Rules, Staff Updates, and Miscellaneous posts - Byron


    Rules for both the chatbox and forum have been remade. I advise you all to re-read them before going to the chatbox and posting on the forums again. You can view the chatbox and forum rules in the Documents section.



    I know we're a bit late and most of you already know, but there have been questions about the staff team that I feel need to be announced. If you are ever confused about who is actually part of the staff team versus a temporary moderator on the chatbox, you can few the staff team by clicking HERE. A link to the page can also be found in the bottom right of the main index of the forums.

    Most of you wonder where Adz is. His timezone is completely opposite of the main population of RSW. He is most likely online modding while most of you are sleep.

    Satan has taken a temporary leave due to family issues. He still has his rank on the forums, so he will be back soon.

    Miscellaneous threads:

    Lately there has been numerous threads that absolutely make no sense at all. Newly created accounts posting paragraphs of random words. For example: Marry james basketball cream sugar goes on cake, basketball new NCAA champion of the world 42. Please make sure you report these posts when you see them so the moderators of the site can deal with it. They are spam bots, not real people, unless someone is doing it intentionally.

    Recent Updates - Kieran

    Staff Updates:
    Byron has been promoted to global moderator
    Jet/Icandoit has been promoted to chatbox & forum moderator
    Satan has been promoted to chatbox moderator

    Site Updates:
    Callback System modified to have more diverse outputs
    Chatbox added back to the site


    Chinese New Year Sale - Kieran

    Happy New Year!!

    To celebrate the Chinese new year, RSWebclients has decided to have a sale on all packages by 50%, This will only last until the end of tomorrow (GMT)


    Top 10 Servers

    1) Official GadorXVotes: 1511
    2) GravityScapeVotes: 1389
    3) Desolace.OrgVotes: 480
    4) Spirit-UnchainedVotes: 464
    5) Retribution317Votes: 432
    6) VenturePKVotes: 424
    7) BurnedStationVotes: 400
    8) VestigexVotes: 334
    9) snow317Votes: 199
    10) Netro-PkzVotes: 197